Worship Music, Red Lights and How They Changed My Parenting

He’s three.

He doesn’t stop moving.

Totally normal – healthy too (I think!)

But as a result, we don’t sit and chat much – we do get a chance at lunch but I’m usually too busy battling with my one-year-old (trying to get her to eat) to engage in meaningful conversations with my boy who gobbles his food down and runs off to play after “pwease being eggs-koosed.”

Then this happened.


We went grocery shopping together (while little sis napped at home). No special outing, just a chore really.

I was distracted, hurriedly visualising my pantry and trying to make a mental list of what we needed, the music automatically started playing in the car and we were on our way.

Red light. Sigh!

Then a little voice pierced through my mental fog.

“Why did Jesus wash my sins, mommy?”

Everything went still – everything, except my heart. My little boy was asking me about sin, forgiveness, Jesus, the cross!

He was listening to the music, WORSHIP music.

I did my best to answer his questions in a way that he’d understand – he’d caught me a little off-guard (as three-year-olds often do).

But I learnt something that day. Something important, something I knew already but somehow on that day, in that moment – it touched my heart. And gave me hope. Hope in my parenting journey.


Because I realised that God could use me – despite my unimpressive knowledge of the bible, despite me not preparing mind-blowing bible activities at home, despite me being tired and distracted, did I mention tired?

He can use you, too.

And “everyday” things.

The bible should always be our starting point, and kiddies’ bible story books are valuable tools in helping them understand and learn – but we mustn’t stop there. “Everyday” things can present amazing opportunities for growth, understanding and a living enjoyment of God and what He’s done for us.

Music, red lights, a breath-taking sunset, a funky insect – if we’re intentional, and we can be, all of these things can help us point our children to Him, our Creator, our Saviour.

 “You shall teach them to your children, talking of them

  • when you are sitting in your house, and
  • when you are walking by the way, and
  • when you lie down, and
  • when you rise.”

Deut 11:19 (ESV)

  • And when you’re cooking supper
  • And when you’re sitting by them as they potty train
  • And when the light goes red
  • And when…

Join me.

Join me in taking the mundane moments and letting God use them to work in the hearts and lives of our precious kids (and ourselves!)

Oh and the next time you’re stuck in traffic, put on a worship CD, listen to the words, pray and wait for questions from the back seat…







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